#10: The Tilt/Trim Is Not Operating


You're back at the launch ramp and the outdrive/outboard won't raise so you can get the boat on its trailer and ready for the highway.


Assuming it's not a bad fuse, it's some sort of mechanical/hydraulic problem. The simple solution is to wade out back and raise it by hand. To do this, you'll need to know the location of the trim release valve, which is usually a small screw near the base of the outdrive/outboard. Opening this valve will release pressure from the hydraulic loop, allowing the drive to tilt.


Maintain adequate fluid levels and inspect periodically to ensure there are no leaks or water intrusion into the fluid reservoir.

Carry Onboard:

Large slotted and Philips head screwdrivers to open the release valve.
We hope this List assisted you in your ability to remain calm in the face of possible "on the water" problems, helping to insure many a successful boating adventure.