Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Powerboating

Kids-Fishing2-front-FR 568-398How does it all start. When and where were we first bitten by the Boating Bug.
For some of us it was as kids. Perhaps summers on the lake, out fishing with Dad. Maybe it was a rental boat, perhaps he even owned his own boat.
Heck, for some of us it may have even started earlier than that, watching TV and seeing Opey Taylor fishing with his Dad Andy on the Andy Griffith show.
Others may not have even noticed the entire boating world until they were in their adult years. A friend or a neighbor invites you to go "boating" and before you know it, you're hooked!

You've Been Bitten... Now What

Youve been bitten front FR 767-617
Okay, so you've been bitten. Bitten by the powerboating bug.  Now what.
Well, now comes the hard part. How much do you want to be involved in the whole powerboating world.
And which direction should you go to get there. Will you just jump in, full bore, damned the torpedos and all that.
Or will you slow your roll and get your sea legs first prior to going all in.
And by that we mean will you simply get a small used boat. One that you feel is manageable, both on and off the water.
Smaller boats, just as those in the medium as well as larger size categories, all have their pro's and con's. Smaller varieties are trailerable, which is great if you have not only a vehicle to tow them with but a place to properly store them when you're not able to be out on the water.

Various Vessel Varieties

Various Vessel Varieties front FR 517-352

Just when you think the decision making process is over, it isn't. Not by a long shot. The spectrum of floating fun is seemingly endless.
Yet, as you move further along in the process it should become increasingly clear as to which direction you should head.
And at this point you shouldn't need a GPS to get you to your desired destination.
Agreed, the choices are many and can appear overwhelming but once you begin to narrow down your list of preferable uses, things will undoubtedly get easier.
Will you be staying close to shore. Are the local Lakes and Bays calling your name, mostly freshwater in your future. Or will you be venturing a bit further out, past the breakwater, with bigger fish to fry.

Keeping Your Boat Afloat

Keeping Your Boat Afloat page-FR 785-469As we all know, anything mechanical is going to require maintenance. And when it comes to boats, even more so than cars, it's imperative that you keep your vessel maintained to the highest degree.
Regardless of what size or type of boat you own, from the smallest dinghy to the largest floating Condo on the Water, maintenance is key to a long lasting relationship between you and your boat.
Not only will it mean the difference between having fun and not having fun but on a more serious level, lives are on the line. By that we mean that each and every trip out on the water holds an element of danger in it. Not only for you but even more importantly, for your passengers.
Let's face it, the chances of heading out on the water alone are extremely rare, let alone not the greatest of ideas. And that means your family and friends will likely be along for the ride. Which ups the ante when it comes to safety and a successful outing.

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