You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t first of all know where you are.


And even more important, you can't get back to the dock if you don't know where you started.

Navigating at sea bears little resemblance to terrestrial navigation. Finding your way through a fluid sea is akin to flying an airplane, thus marine navigation and aviation share many unique terms that may not be familiar to everyone.
What better way to ensure your best possible navigating results than with a reliable GPS system or other electronic navigation device. Other factors such as fuel economy also come in to play. Knowing you are at your half way point of travel, or beyond, can make or break an excursion.
Speaking of another major key to navigating at sea, not to mention safety, is communication. Without it, you're simply asking for trouble. Therefore, a well working VHF radio is of the utmost importance to today's boater as well.
And what are most boater's interested in in some way, shape or form? You got it. Fishing. Yes, fishing. Especially offshore, plays a huge role in today's boating community. And what better way to improve your fishing results than with a modern, well operating Fish Finder in some form.
How does that saying go? "Don't leave home without it!" Chances are that if they had the world of boating in mind when they coined it, then a well operating system of various electronics was more than likely first and foremost in their thinking.
This is where Affordable Marine Service comes into play. We can handle any of your electronics needs, helping to ensure you the best of boating experiences.

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